plantation bench

Made from a teak wood this bench assembles without nails or even glue! The sheer experience of putting this together and installing takes us back to the ages where objects were made honoring the material and its spirit; where all parts in the object has a purpose and a defined, important, role to play, making the piece that much closer to divinity.

woodwork by : yusuf

To know how to buy or for customisations, cost estimates & delivery time, call  phone +91 98452 72320

cost :  Kindly do call in to get a quote. The quote includes taxes, transport to a location in Bangalore, handling and installation charges.

dimensions :  customisable widths – 4 feet & 5 feet. It is 16 inches tall from floor and 14 inches deep.

material & finish : Teak wood.

care instructions : Ensure there is no constant water contact any where. Clean with dry cotton cloth to remove dust and all the burma teak parts to retain its natural sheen. Once in a few months it is a good practice to rub all the burma teak parts with a cotton cloth containing 2 ~ 3 drops of olive oil.