custom made and each piece is unique

In today’s times, it is difficult for every parent to not succumb to the exhaustive choices that the kid’s market offers us. Everyone is constantly selecting and buying products either made in China or otherwise. As soon as we give in to our child’s temptation or ours for that matter, remorse sets in. The toy eventually gets forgotten, dumped, thrown aside as trash; contributing to the vast mountain of garbage that has become every city’s landscape.

Bent has been producing children’s furniture and products since before 2007. These pieces were custom made to specific individual needs. For example, the ‘Sapelli horse’ or the ‘Cribber’ was made by Yusuf for his children. In most cases it was made out of pure passion and love, and a generous dose of dissatisfaction with the stuff available in our markets. Bent’s kiddie stuff is mostly in wood and isn’t harsh like metal that corrodes or cheap plastic that breaks to the point of ‘fixing not possible’!

'machai' bunk-bed
‘machai’ bunk-bed
emilie chair stool
emilie chair stool

yusuf's high dining chair
high dining chair
yusuf's rocking crib
rocking crib
'anshou' furniture range
‘anshou’ furniture range

nimmi workstation
nimmi workstation
yusuf's teak trike
teak trike
sapelli horse