rushi plantation chair

Hand crafted in White Oak, without nails. All the chair parts are from the same source – the single plank of oak that was identified for this project. The seating area is hand woven with natural Cane. The two swing arms swivel out comfortably over the legs allowing it to be used as leg rests and as a flat surface.

woodwork by : kuldeep

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dimensions :  33 in. height, it occupies a floor space of 29 in. wide x 58 (with swing arms closed) in. deep.

material & finish : Main body structure is made in White Oak and the seat is hand woven with natural Cane. It is hand rubbed with olive oil.

care instructions : Ensure that there is no constant water contact anywhere. Clean with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust from all parts of the table to retain its natural sheen. Once in a few months it is a good practice to rub 2 ~ 3 drops of olive oil on all the wooden parts with a cotton cloth.